About the Apolitical Blues

They are “the meanest blues of all”, or so it has been said.

If politics are a natural and necessary consequence of social human beings, and if politics ultimately serve the needs of the people (or at least those with the most power), then turning your back on politics can be a pretty bad time, especially if hopelessness is driving you away.

Or not. People do it all the time, either because they are too busy just surviving or because they have made peace with what they can and cannot change. They don’t care if it is The Unholy Four, John Wayne or Dorothy Lamour (or Chairman Mao), they jus’ don’ wan’ to talk to them now. They are onto other things. Matters of the soul and love, mindfulness, mind alteration or mindless fun, serious fun, or whatever floats their boat.

This blog is dedicated to the moments, strategies, tools, and stories around just making it happily through today.

I will draw on my own experience and the experience of others who have a hard enough time making it through life (or maybe just the next few hours) without worrying about the latest manufactured crisis, government shutdown, indictment, non-indicted banker, melting glacier, willfully ignorant columnist or immoral billionaire campaign contributor.

In other words this blog is about what happens once the bozos who have made politics no better than a spectator sport go home and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves.


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