Bill Clinton Shouldn’t Go Into Hiding

This made me laugh a little.

… I’m kind of sick of blaming Hillary for acting like the woman she was carefully trained to be. Today I feel a bit like blaming Bill for not being the kind of man the future demands.

I do understand the points in this essay, but for all his faults, I still think Bill Clinton is Hillary Clinton’s greatest asset in the upcoming presidential race. He reassures a lot of people. The example of his presidency is remembered quite positively when compared with the presidency of George W. Bush. The economy was booming back then. We had relative peace in the world. Things seemed simpler and better.

And Bill is a master of explaining stuff. It’s true that he can get off his game when the subject is his wife. He needs to watch that.

But, for all my gripes about Bill Clinton, he’s a political star. He knows how to fade into the background, as he did during Hillary’s senate career. But I don’t think her campaign will benefit if his checks himself into a monastery for the next year and a half.

Having said that, there’s still some good advice for him in that column.

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