Your Liberal Media

I am not an amnesiac which is why I remember the time, a few years back, when Mark Halperin went on Morning Joe and got himself suspended from making appearances on MSNBC for saying that President Obama is a “kind of a dick.” Here’s the video of that performance in case you need a refresher.

Now, Mark Halperin made the obligatory apology.

But it’s pretty obvious to me at least that Halperin isn’t some kind of in-the-bag-for-Obama liberal. This was hardly my first clue on this nor has it been been my last, but it’s certainly the clearest example I could find of him expressing some kind of political opinion. And his opinion was that it would be hunky dory to call the president a dick on national television.

That’s not what you expect from a paid, supposedly non-partisan, political analyst. That’s one reason why he was suspended. Cable news isn’t known for its objectivity and they have political spin doctors and hacks on the air almost 24-7, but Halperin was on the payroll to give it to us straight, and he didn’t do that.

Or, rather, he did give it to us straight, but he offered his unvarnished personal opinion which wasn’t in his job description. The point is, that he doesn’t like the president and he isn’t some kind of liberal.

People are complaining that he asked Senator Ted Cruz to do the rhumba and welcome Sen. Bernie Sanders to the presidential competition in Spanish (which are the most racist things ever) but this isn’t an example of Halperin being a liberal, either.

It doesn’t matter anyway. Pretty soon, the only place he’ll be able to find work is at Fox News, although it would probably help him if he got indicted first.

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