David Brooks Doesn’t Need a Mulligan

I’ve really been pressed for time this week but I will hopefully return to a normal schedule tomorrow, at least for a little while.

I have about five minutes of spare time to write this post, which is why I will resort to quoting someone else saying what I’d rather say myself.

Scott Lemieux:

David Brooks starts off his apologia with some stoned-dorm-room stuff about how if Hitler had been strangled in the crib we wouldn’t have the GI Bill or as many women in the workforce, which means that nobody can really held responsible for Iraq. It does not improve from there.

Things turn out the way they turn out, so we can never complain about the past, as a different past would give us a different future, maybe one in which we don’t even exist.

There’s some wisdom in there, to be honest. But it isn’t consistent at all with personal responsibility or the importance of strong families or even second-guessing the choices you made at the Applebee’s salad bar.

If you wanted to invade Iraq, you should shut up now, and forever.

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