Montezuma’s Revenge of the Mouth

In an article that suffers from too much pussyfooting around the issue of racism, the Washington Post’s Peyton Craighill and Scott Clement do at least provide us with one moment of moral and analytical clarity:

[Donald] Trump has said his immigration comments would help him win the Latino vote if he were the 2016 GOP nominee. This poll (along with basic logic) suggests that would be nothing shy of a miracle.

The Donald’s unfavorable rating with the Latino community is now in the eighties. But he’s a rock star with Republicans.

Nearly six in 10 — 57 percent — Republicans now have a favorable view of Trump, compared to 40 percent who have an unfavorable one. That marks a complete reversal from a late-May Post-ABC poll, in which 65 percent of Republicans saw Trump unfavorably.

He’s even seen a small improvement in his favorable rating with Democrats. On the whole, however, he remains just slightly more popular than Montezuma’s Revenge, which may help explain the shit that keeps coming out of his mouth. Trump is so ridiculous that there’s a lawmaker down in Florida who is now half-convinced he is a Democratic plant who has joined the Republican Party at the behest of the Clintons in order to sabotage them from within.

What’s funny is, as crazy as that sounds, we’d never be able to tell the difference.

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  1. July 15, 2015 at 11:29 am

    Another Princeton connection.. Peyton was a classmate at least through elementary school and we’re, like, totes Facebook friends and stuff.

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