Hillary the Robot

It doesn’t seem to matter who has the byline, when it comes to Hillary Clinton the establishment media’s mantra is that she lacks spontaneity.

What Biden is, even to those who dismiss him as slightly doddering and in over his head, is as real and authentic as they come…With Biden, you get the politically incorrect verbal lapses, the Veep-like comedic value. But you also get warmth and authenticity and a handshake that means something.”

“Clinton’s pitch is pretty much the polar opposite…Clinton’s first TV ad, released this week, tried to humanize her a bit by having her talk straight to camera about her mother…But Siri sounds more spontaneous when she’s finding me a gas station.

Oh, and she’s an ice queen.

So, here’s my question: is this a legit thing or is it more of a coalescing common wisdom or is it just a hatchet job?

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