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Hello all.

I volunteer for the press/media group of The People’s Convention. As I do not have an email address for any of you, this is the only way to reach you by tweeting my blog post with the most recent press release regarding Sanders’ Delegates intend to take the “People’s Platform” to be ratified at our event on July 23rd to the floor of the DNC. For anyone who would like more information, please feel free to contact me directly at stevendbt at Yahoo dot com.

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From the latest press release by The People’s Convention, dated June 28th:

“The grassroots army that pushed Bernie to the top of the polls isn’t stopping now,” says Sharon Sanders, a delegate who will bring the People’s Platform to the DNC. “

For more about how Sanders delegates intend to fight back against the DNC and Clinton forces who have rejected including in the Democratic Party’s Platform positions on the issues that Bernie Sanders advocated, such as a ban on fracking and rejection of the TPP, please read our latest press release here:

The People’s Revolution

It contains all the contact information you need to learn more about this developing story.

Thanks for your consideration of this matter,

Steve Searls
Press Working Group

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