No One Answers Trump’s Help Wanted Sign

How do you know that the Trump administration can’t find many qualified people to work for them?

“I have people knocking down my door to talk to the presidential personnel office,” said White House press secretary Sean Spicer. “There is a huge demand to join this administration.”

I never met anyone who boasted that they worked in the Nixon administration. The few I’ve seen do that are people like Pat Buchanan who are more famous for defending Nazi war criminals than they are far whatever they might have accomplished as hatchet men for Tricky Dick. It’s more common for Nixon veterans to spend the rest of their lives in efforts to grift off their infamy or to make mostly futile efforts to atone for their sins.

No one with their head screwed on right wants to have ‘Trump’ on their résumé. The president’s main accomplishment in office so far has been to make having worked in the Bush administration look noble by comparison.

I particularly like how one anonymous lawyer described his experience as he went through the process of getting a job working for Trump.

Another person in line for a senior legal post who pulled out after Comey’s firing said, “I decided, ‘What am I doing this for?’ ”

He described a disorganized paperwork process that threatened to leave him unprepared for Senate confirmation, and said he was disgusted that Rosenstein was “hung out to dry” as the president claimed at first that the deputy attorney general orchestrated Comey’s firing.

“You sit on the tarmac for quite some time, you see smoke coming out of the engine and you say, ‘I’m going back to the gate,’ ” he said.

There’s an overwhelming sense that this is an administration that is imminently going out of business. More than that, though, the top executives are getting indicted. Only a fool volunteers to get involved in something like that.

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