No, You Are The McCarthyite

Sometimes a couple of pictures are worth a thousand words:

While the president moans that he can’t find a Roy Cohn to protect him from the Russia probe, some on the left think it’s a new form of McCarthyism to attack politicians for adopting the Kremlin line. It’s a ludicrous critique. A series of serious crimes have been committed. There is a faction that includes both Kremlin trolls and vocal conservative members of Congress which is trying to prevent us from solving the crimes and holding people accountable. They obfuscate and deflect. They accuse others of the things they are guilty of doing. They generate and propagate fake news and conspiracy theories. They troll through our social media feeds. And they share the same talking points.

There’s no daylight anymore between these right-wing American politicians and the Kremlin. And it’s not McCarthyism to point it out. Roy Cohn was McCarthy’s lawyer. He was Trump’s lawyer and mentor.

It shows.

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