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Let’s Have Some Music

I am so burned out. I can’t wait to go on vacation. I’m not looking at the news and I’ll be without wireless as much as I can manage it.

Weekend Tunes

Shining, just like gold.

What’s in your queue?

The War on Women is Real

Here’s a helpful list compiled by Axios of the known allegations of sexual harassment against Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, along with some of the settlement details. I think it’s useful to see it all in one place: O’Reilly’s accusers …

What Does 4chan Explain?

We all have our cultural blind spots. We can’t pay attention to everything and there are many things we simply don’t want to pay attention to because they don’t really interest us. There are a lot of progressive bloggers who…

Sports Journalism and Politics

I don’t read enough sports journalism to have an informed opinion about it. My interest in the more fine-grained, behind the scenes aspects of sports waned around the time this country geared up to invade Iraq and I suddenly had…