Declare no victories: we are never done

Democracy is a dish best served hot, it seems. Otherwise, it curdles and dries out and draws in on itself, like some mysterious thing left in the fridge too long.

In my totally not-even-resembling-a-historian way, I’ve been looking at various social and justice movements throughout the years… I won’t say I’ve studied them, because I haven’t. As someone with right hemisphere brain dominance (lovely excuse, that), I tend not to gather facts and figures so much as impressions. And it’s my impression that nothing describes the history of social change better than imagining it all as a big PushMePullYou. There you go… fair warning.

What interests me most about social movements is not so much how they have begun, but how they’ve ended. And they all have, you know… ended, that is, at least for the vast majority of people.

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Iraqi Lawyers Call for Trying Bush, Blair for War Crimes

Reports Amy Goodman — whose hour-long broadcast today includes an exclusive, extensive interview with journalist Naomi Klein on the shooting of Giuliana Sgrena (Klein just interviewed Sgrena in Rome) — a “new group of prominent Iraqi lawyers said at a conference in Baghdad this week that President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair should be tried as war criminals for the occupation of Iraq, highlighting the massive assaults on the city of Fallujah. More below : : :

Triangle Waistshirt Factory fire

On this date in 1911, one of the worst factory disasters in U.S. history occurred.

A rag pile ignited at the Triangle Shirtwaist Co. and killed 146 people, mostly young, immigrant women.

The owners had not installed fire escapes and barred doors to control theft and keep out union organizers.

Many of the women, trapped inside the burning factory, leapt from the 10 story building to their deaths. (Info from lorraine: a young man, knowing how frightened they were, held their hands at the edge before they jumped. Once they were gone, he jumped.)

“In Reid, Dean sees vestiges of himself”

From Seattle’s Howard Martin, who found this in today’s Boston Globe:

“Aides to Dean say Reid’s recent aggressive style has earned admiration from the former Vermont governor, and is producing a budding friendship between the two men. ”He’s honest and direct, which is what Governor Dean likes,” said Laura Gross, a spokeswoman for Dean. …

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Canada gives seal hunt go-ahead: Okay with you?

Despite worldwide condemnation, the BBC reports that my Canadian neighbors have “given the go-ahead for what is expected to be one of the biggest seal hunts in the country for decades. The government says the hunt is now more humane and that more than 300,000 seals can be killed this year. …” More Below : : :

Bush Addresses Grieving Red Lake Families

(APE)George Bush speaking at Chippewa Tribe Council Hall

Bush Addresses Grieving Red Lake Families
By An Geredone

03/25/05 RED LAKE, MN (APE) – In a surprise pre-dawn move early this morning, the President flew onboard Air Force One to the Minneapolis St Paul International Airport. From there he journeyed by motorcade to the sleepy town of Red Lake, home of America’s most recent mass killing, the worst of it’s kind since Columbine, in April of 1999.

After arriving there, he participated in a smoke ceremony with the local Chippewa elders in remembrance of the victims.