Official Recalled For Religious Beliefs

ohwilleke has a good catch over at that other place:

Estes Park, Colorado voters recalled Town Trustee David Habecker, because he was not willing to recite a Pledge of Allegiance containing the words “under God”, by a vote of 903-605. Richard Homeier who received 466 votes in the replacement vote, defeated John Ericson who received 337 votes, Dorathea Sloan who received 249 votes, and Garry Bloom who received 190 votes.

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There is no difference?

I posted the following parody in reply to the original (which I characterized as an anti-Democratic Party screed) in an out of the way place of the universe a long time ago.

There is no difference?

“There is no difference” represents the epitome of a lack of understanding practical reality and the ramifications of the choices one makes. It is the smug self-rightiousness that there is only one true way, and that we do not have to accept responsibility for that choice. It tells us that to achieve one’s pipe dreams we can make others suffer for our hubris. It tells us that only we matter and those less fortunate are, well, out of luck.

“There is no difference” tells us that we can move furniture in the living room while the house is on fire and in danger of burning down (or, if you prefer, rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic while it’s sinking).

“There is no difference” is patently false and very much like every clueless high school busybody who put on a Christmas pageant for the poor to brighten their day, ignoring the fact that they were ill, homeless, hungry, and cold.

“There is no difference” doesn’t bother to stick around to find out what happens, and doesn’t care.

“There is no difference” is the hand that grabs the last match as it is lit, letting the self generated wind extinguish that last hope for a warm fire because, well, they read about this really cool way to set the sticks when you build a fire which may, in certain circumstances, make your fireplace draft more efficient except we’re outside and it’s below freezing and that was our last match because at the last campsite there was “no difference” either and playing with the fireworks in Florida was so much fun…

[Timeout: people who are naive and unsophisticated should be mocked.]

“There is no difference” says that no loaf is better than 39 out of 40 slices. And besides, the people that won’t give us any bread will cause the hungry masses to rise up and change the system overnight.

“There is no difference” says not making a choice relieves one of any responsibility when the truly bad choice triumphs.

“There is no difference” worries about their own souls, but can’t fathom the suffering of others because, well, it’s good for their souls.

“There is no difference” is where one goes to hide because they were too lazy to do anything but pontificate in the abstract and didn’t want to soil their souls doing the hard work of planning, organizing, educating, and getting out the vote at the precinct level.

Let’s roll up our sleeves – there’s work to be done.

Kicked in the Nuts

That’s how I felt after reading this Christopher Hitchens piece from the March issue of Vanity Fair.  No doubt many of you have seen this before; I had not.

Sure, I’ve heard bits and pieces of the various complaints about Ohio.  But this article really piles them on.  And I guess what is most chilling is that the author says he doesn’t believe Kerry “should be president of this or any country”, yet he can’t help but be appalled at what he is discovering about the shadiness of this election.

I think I had actually wanted to believe the election wasn’t fixed.  Not because, heaven forfend, I wanted Bush to win!  Just because I want to believe that our side has a chance, and is not just playing out our part in a fixed fight we can never win.  Eight hour lines to vote are outrageous, and something has to be done about that.  But at least this is a visible problem.  At least it can be proven.  At least people could still vote if they were dogged enough.  If it only takes a small number of people to fix the electronic machines, and there is no “paper trail”, we could well be the victims of a coup that ended with a whimper rather than a bang.

Democracy IS working in Iraq

I love the irony. Hurrah for Iraq standing on principle.

“You don’t do the work, you don’t get paid.”

Iraq Halts Contract Payments to Raytheon, Maersk, Official Says

March 22 (Bloomberg) — Iraq’s interim government is refusing to make payments on some contracts with foreign companies including Raytheon Co. and A.P. Moeller-Maersk A/S because they overcharged or failed to deliver everything they promised, an official said.

My Congresman Wants Poor Women Tortured

[Cross-posted from DailyKos — I’m new around here and couldn’t figure out anything really original to start out with, so bear with me — Nonpartisan]

This is my congressman.

Congressman Rick Renzi’s lady friend in this photo is Corrie Hill, a former Miss Arizona whose platform was domestic violence and who spends her time “perched on a plush sofa in a gorgeous home in a gated community in the nicest part of Gilbert, [Arizona.]”  And you may remember Congressman Renzi’s other lady friend — Katherine Harris, the author of the Bush Presidency, Volume I.  And sure, Congressman Renzi likes his wife, Roberta, a whole lot too — as evidenced by the fact that they have twelve children.

But it’s not in question how my congressman feels about rich women, whom he obviously adores.  What’s bothering me today is how he feels about poor women.

Specifically, whether he thinks they should be tortured.

Some issues (and a new rule)

I posted on this last night but I didn’t get a whole lot of response (although I did get some good tips).  I am looking to add a ‘world’ section to my blogroll and am looking for good international blogs.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Everything seems to be going well.  We had a lousy day for new members (are y’all forgetting to tell your friends?) but we have a new Italian and a new Brit in the house.

If anyone knows people that advertise on blogs, this site is a major bargain right now, and the rates are going up soon.  So get the word out!

And thank you all for being such a great bunch.  I was looking at the mojo tables and we have no one with a rating under ‘3’, and almost everyone has a perfect ‘4’ rating.  Is anyone a trusted user yet?  I gotta look into how long it takes and how many comments you have to have rated.