An Elephant Pause

It pains me, sometimes, that Republicans have taken such a complex and fascinating animal as the elephant as their symbol, as they certainly don’t live up it. (It also pains me that Democrats quite often live up to their symbol, but I guess that’s part of being in the reality based community ;). But this diary is not politics and symbols, or even animals… or not really, anyway.

I read an article somewhere, a long time ago, the poignancy of which stuck with me for a long time. It was explaining how elephants are migratory creatures, wandering over hundreds and hundreds of miles a year, through fairly well established feeding and resting areas, the same routes time after time. Well, until their areas are taken up by ‘civilization’, but that’s another story. Of course, some of their group dies from time to time, from old age, or disease or an attack. The remaining herd will stay around for a brief period, holding what could be termed a sort of mourning/goodbye ceremony, before moving on. But that’s not the end of it.

Jailed Iranian blogger released on bail.

I put this up on Kos a while back but I think it got Terri’d.  Thought it might interest people here.

Some good news. Makes a change.

The good news, according to Reporters Sans Frontieres, is that the jailed Iranian blogger Arash Sigarchi was released on March 17 after the newspaper he was previously the editor of, Gilan Emrooz, paid a billion Irani rial (US$ 120,000) bail.

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Bernard Kerik replaced by Judy Martz — Whodunnit?

Bernard Kerik, the former NYC chief of police and briefly Homeland Security Director nominee, has been replaced by equally disgraced former Montana Gov. Judy Martz on the board of Taser:

The day before Kerik quit, it was reported that he had made $6.2 million by exercising stock options he obtained as a board member of Taser, which has sold stun guns to the Homeland Security Department and is seeking more contracts.

Taser itself is under federal and state scrutiny over the safety of its stun guns and accounting issues. The Securities and Exchange Commission is also conducting an informal probe into Taser’s safety claims. The company maintains that the guns are safe.

U.S. bars Italians from examining Sgrena’s car

The U.S. military command in Iraq has blocked two Italian policemen from examining the car in which an Italian intelligence agent was shot to death in Baghdad, a newspaper said Wednesday.
Corriere della Sera said that the policemen were about to leave when the Italian Embassy in Baghdad received an order from the U.S. command on Monday to abort the mission for security concerns.

The embassy in Baghdad reportedly alerted Rome authorities, who called off the trip.

The car, a Toyota Corolla, is reportedly still in American hands, at Baghdad airport where it was originally rented.

Love, American Style

I am breaking out of my diary virgin claim with a not-so-serious topic but one that I, as a single woman,  ponder quite a bit.  Can a Liberal fall in love with a Conservative?  Can the BooMan community tell me: Does it work?

Humpday Bushism

The future President asks a compelling question that has never been adequately answered:

“Will the highways on the Internet become more few?”

-George Walker Bush, in Concord, N.H., Jan. 29, 2000.