So Now What Do We Do? Schiavo Strategies

Okay, the Republicans have opened up the pandora’s box of using one family’s tragedy to score political points. It’s awful, it’s reprehensible, but it’s happened.

And the worst thing is the probably WILL score political points after this.

As I see it, we have the following options:

1.    Do nothing and hope this all goes away.

2.    Bitch and complain and hope that someone hears us.

3.    Take action.

Right now I’m leaning toward number 3, because of the overwhelming number of Americans who are also disgusted by Congress’s actions of yesterday and today.

What Division a Little Moral Conviction Sows

I’m not sure, but moving away from this type of stuff is important. The author is a “uniter, not a divider” in the same tradition as Bush.

On the otherhand, it’s sure nice to hear some good venom from time to time.

I also wanted to add that the weed is much better in the new California…

The end of our Judiciary

The Terri Schiavo vote in effect ends the independence of our Judiciary.  Now, every court will know that its rulings can be undone by Congress.  The will of Tom Delay will rule in every hospital room or courtroom that he desires.
We now join the ranks of countries whose judiciary is weak, the league of banana republics.  Those with political connections and the power to persuade Congress will prevail.  Mob rule will prevail.  The ability of the right wing to reach into everyone’s lives has just been established never more than today.

Female Circumcision is a Vote Winner

Earlier today, this BBC headline caught my eye, “Sierra Leone thrown into darkness.” I made a mental note to look up more on Sierra Leone and went off with my daughter to the organic farm for winter greens and celery root, and then to the animal shelter to pet and play with about 50 cats. Home again, I looked more but just realized that my obsession, Deadwood, begins in 14 minutes.

Quickly. Here is why Sierra Leone is dark. The county is short on oil, and its one “oil refinery, privatised in 1994, … has ceased functioning because of defective machinery. …”

This means rotting food, difficulties getting to work, a rise in the cost of living, unreliable electricity, long queues at gas stations, and more.

Then, I saw this story, and I thought Tom Delay had slipped into Africa to teach them the winning art of politics (snark) — and, most viciously, the art of diverting attention from what is important (the economy) and drawing attention to sex, chastity, and all that:

When the president’s wife sponsors the circumcision of 1,500 young girls to win votes for her husband, you know you’ve got a problem persuading ordinary people and the government that female genital mutilation (FGM) is a bad idea.

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The Stickiness of Kirkuk

From A Magnificent Wreckage

What’s the biggest issue right now with Iraq?  If you ask the media, it is the struggle between the Shi’ah UIA list (a collection of political parties endorsed by Ayatollah As-Sistani) and the two main Kurdish parties to form a workable coalition government.  As most of my readers may know, the major hang up in these negotiations has dealt with issues of Kurdish sovereignty and the final status of their beloved city of Kirkuk.  Those who have been pessimistic about this process have argued that the Kurds and Shi’ah may never come to aggreement over these issues. I have always thought this wrong, because ultimately only the Kurds have a direct stake in the disposition of Kirkuk.  It is, as they have called it, “their Jerusalem”.  The interest of the Shi’ah are only obliquely related to Kirkuk.

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