Hello Booman!

Well several days have passed since the opening of Booman Tribune and although the colors have gotten better, I still see a kermit with dreadlocks everytime I look at the frog.  

Today I noticed something new- the blogroll!

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That Dark Scary Room- A Confessional

OK…So I was raised a catholic..yup….baptised, confirmed, went to CCD, church, sometimes 3 times a week. I still have memories of the smell of the strong incense the priest swayed back and forth during some of the special services. I especially liked midnight mass on Christmas eve..not because of the mass, for me it was all about getting to stay up late in hopes of seeing St. Nick (Santa). I remember any red light in the sky…my Mom or Grandma said “There is Rudolph”. Rudolph=Church?.
        I thought it odd that some of the priests that I looked up to, on some occasions..like the church fair and several pot luck dinners..would get blitzed…drinking one to many beers and acted like fools. My Irish priests always had a way of drinking a little to much and saying things I questioned. I think it was around the time I was about 12 or 13 . Things began to change.

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If you live abroad, use the World thread to talk about how strange Americans are.

And if you don’t want to limit your comment to just the Midwesterners, you can treat the World thread as a kind of all-purpose open thread.

Bush Gang War on Social Security Loses a Banger

All of George’s efforts within the federal government to “educate” Americans about the “flat bust” Social Security system have been aided by an adjunct group outside of government.  This group of robber barons, called Compass, has lost a key member of its contingent:

Signaling more troubles ahead for President Bush’s campaign to overhaul Social Security, a group representing the nation’s biggest financial companies said Monday that it had decided not to renew its membership in a business coalition raising millions of dollars to back the effort.

The Financial Services Forum, which represents chief executives from such corporate heavyweights as American Express, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, was a co-founder of the Coalition for the Modernization and Protection of America’s Social Security, or Compass. But it left the coalition last month after its members failed to agree on Bush’s plan to let workers divert some of their payroll tax into individual investment accounts.

REAL Democrats: Slaughtering the Push-Me-Pull-You

Dems face this harsh reality:

The Dems are currently reduced in the public eye to what both parties really are: competing election winning machines driven not by consistent ideals or policy goals, but by a balancing of the interests and influence of it’s largest contributing constituencies.

The GOP would like to thing they are not only different but distinct. I’m sorry but the two parties are really just the two heads of a push-me-pull-you beast that needs it’s neck snapped.