European Kos equivalent – a call for help

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As many of you have probably seen, we have started some discussions on whether to have a European Kossacks convention, and whether to create a Euroopean Kos website.

My questions to you guys:

  • it looks like this site could a model of sorts for the site. Could anyone explain to me what it requires to be built (in terms of competences, effort, time, manpower, etc…) and what kind of modularity it has if we want a European site with various flavors yet to be discussed?
  • maybe this could be a place to conduct some slightly more discreet conversations on the topic without boring dKossacks with all the details – nor being swamped by the diary flow. Would you mind?

Feedback and input welcome!

Raw Story: Interesting Interview with Scott Ritter

Raw Story: Do you feel the latest flurry of warnings with regard to biochemical and/or nuclear attacks are part of this strategy–fear–or is something coming down the pike?

Ritter: No, they are using fear. [FBI director] Robert Mueller said he is a 100 percent certain that the US will be attacked by chemical and biological weapons. That’s a stunning statement if you think about it. I am a firefighter here in New York state, if we are going to be attacked by chemical/biological weapons; then why am I and other first responders not being mobilized to be trained in responding to that environment… in an emergency fashion? I mean this is a national security imperative.

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New Suggestion Box

Here is a new suggestion box.  The site is almost a day old and we have established a few things.

One: a lot of people do not like the default comment titles.  If anyone likes ’em, speak up now.

Two: people are freaking out about the spellcheck feature.  For now, you cannot post in comments or a diary until you uncheck the spellcheck button.

You can turn off the default spellcheck button in Display Preferences.

If you want to use spellcheck, just remember to uncheck the box before hitting post.

Three: we have to fix the New message lights so they don’t count our own posts as new.

Hmmm.  Anything else?

Hunting down the CIA

The CIA has apparently been conducting “extraordinary rendition” operations in Europe and they have left a trail. Police in Italy, Germany and Sweden are in pursuit, according to the Washington Post’s Foreign Service.

The Italian probe is one of three official investigations that have surfaced in the past year into renditions believed to have taken place in Western Europe. Although the CIA usually carries out the operations with the help or blessing of friendly local intelligence agencies, law enforcement authorities in Italy, Germany and Sweden are examining whether U.S. agents may have broken local laws by detaining terrorist suspects on European soil and subjecting them to abuse or maltreatment.

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