Holy mother of god.

Well, maybe it IS time for me to move on… my HUSBAND just posted a diary on dKos…

I kid. I kid.

This is a test diary, really — I have lots to say but no time to organize my thoughts into words right now.

But I DO have GMAIL invites. Drop me a line and I’ll shove one your way.

Incidentally, I am supposed to be a front page contributor here, but HELL if I know how to do it.

I guess that will work itself out eventually.

Bloggers & the MA Special Elections

Here we are in the closing days before the Democratic primary in the special election for three vacant seats for state representative.  Along with the snow, there is a blizzard of last minute Get Out The Vote activities. Since I first wrote about the special elections in January, I have tried to underscore how these are not routine elections: they signal an historic shift shift in state politics.  Following House Speaker Tom Finneran’s announcement last Fall, that he would retire, two Finneran allies also resigned.  In November, the only incumbent to lose his seat in the House was Finneran ally, Vincent Ciampa, who lost to a young progressive, Carl Sciortino. The likely winners in the three special elections will also be far more progressive than their predecessors, and signal a strong, clear trend in Massachusetts politics.  


Booman Tribune is open for blogging.

Imagine if Daily Kos was devoid of users. No comments, no diaries, no trolls, and no Cheers and Jeers.

That pretty well describes the current situation over at BooTrib where all the architecture is in place and no one has had a chance to deflower her.

If you are tired of going through life with a 5-digit user ID, now is your chance to remedy the situation.

If you are frustrated that your diary scrolled off the screen in an hour…you can be sure that won’t happen at Booman Tribune.

more below the fold…

*Stupid Fucking World*

This is just to provide a first international diary for testing purposes. Maybe the title will generate plenty of traffic for this site…

Welcome to Booman Tribune

Booman Tribune is brand spanking new. So, I haven’t received any questions yet. However, this is a SCOOP site, and many of the questions I anticipate are common to all SCOOP sites.

The greatest of all SCOOP sites is Daily Kos. This site is designed to be familiar to regular visitors to Daily Kos. It shares many features in common with dKos, and it may be useful to examine the dKos FAQ web page (especially for HTML related questions). Just remember that a lot of the information there is specific to his site.

I will be developing a community guide for BooTrib soon. In the meantime it will be helpful to refer to Pastor Dan’s dKos Community Guide. If you have a question about what Trolls are, Pastor Dan explains it well.

Some immediate differences between this site and dKos need to be explained.

During registration users are divided into ‘Americans’ and ‘others’ in order to allow a separate ‘Recommended Diary’ category called ‘Recommended World Diaries’.

‘World Diaries’ are those diaries submitted by non-American registered users. They are judged according to a different standard in order to compensate for the general tendency of Americans to show more interest in domestic issues. It also helps compensate for the fact that this site will have more American users than users from any other single country.

If I become convinced that an American has registered as a non-American in order to try to game the system, I will banish that user.

All diaries, irrespective of the residence of the diarist, are eligible for making the ‘Recommended Diary’ list. This will sometimes result in a diary being listed in both the ‘Recommended Diary’ list and the ‘Recommended World Diary’ list. This is anticipated and not considered a problem.

Another feature of this site that is not shared with dKos is the regional open threads. The regional open threads are accessible by clicking on the ‘Midwest’, ‘South’, ‘East’, ‘West’, and ‘World’ buttons at the top of the Home page.

Anyone can participate in these open threads, but they are intended to promote coordination among users from similar regions. They are open threads, so anything can be discussed on them. However, if you want to talk about the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race you should probably not do it on the southern thread. And PLEASE don’t waste time fighting over whether Kentucky is in the Midwest or Colorado is in the West. Let people decide where they live.

What’s the Deal With the Rating System?

There are only two differences between this site and dKos for the comment rating system and they are minor. He calls serious idiots ‘Super Trolls’ and I call them ‘Mega Trolls’. I just like ‘Mega Trolls’ better.

The other difference is that he calls the (2) rating ‘Marginal’ and I call it ‘Warning!’. I discourage people from using the (2) rating as an indication of disagreement. Use it to tell someone that they are nearing the line of offensive, impertinent or trollish behavior. If you disagree with a post, but do not find it offensive or trollish, just don’t rate it at all.

…more on the flip