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Up this hill and down: a running post

He’s not kidding about the hills. I’ve been here in Nashville for two weeks, and by the time I visit Philly again, my legs are going to be like tree trunks.

I’m not sure if you have to have Strava to view this route, but if you can, keep an eye on the elevations and grades. Toward the end, there’s something like a 17% grade, which is fucking insane.

I’m not complaining. I’m really enjoying running out here: I’ve been averaging three outings a week. This typically involves a 1-3 mile solo run on Monday or Tuesday, a 3-4 mile group run with East Nasty Runners on Wednesday, and anything longer than five miles on Saturday or Sunday. Today I logged nearly 8.5 miles. It was tough. It’s a fun city to run, but out where I live they need more sidewalks. A lot of the pedestrian infrastructure in the farther-flung areas of East Nashville is simply non-existent. Many neighborhoods aren’t really adapted yet to the influx of people that have moved into the city. Transit shuts down way too early, as I’ver said before.

But for running? Great city. Nice community. Challenging terrain.

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