Still Calling

“Nobody Knew”

Orange Shitstain speaks:

If there’s one thing almost everybody across the political spectrum knows about health-care reform, it’s that it’s really hard. People who study the issue closely know it. People who don’t follow the issue know. (That’s why lots of smart people don’t follow the issue closely — it’s really hard!) But there is apparently a category of people who did not realize until very recently that the issue is hard, and that category consists of Donald J. Trump, who told reporters today, “It’s an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

In the wake of so much stupid, and in an effort to not overdose on stupid, I have generally limited my Trump consumption (“contrumption”?) and outrage. But holy fucking moly, my brain just exploded.

“Nobody knew”??

It only took a year or so to get through Congress, with huge delays, bitter public townhalls and debates, unconscionable compromises to get it passed, a party-line vote, a failed website rollout, a design that would make Rube Goldberg blush, a bewildering variety of plans, tax subsidies to calculate, and new tax forms to fill out. WHO KNEW IT WAS COMPLICATED?

Fucking MORON.

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