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Reaping what you sow

Ted Nugent, threatening to assassinate Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, to a crowd of thousands:

Rand Paul, on the true meaning of the Second Amendment:

Sarah Palin, Republican vice-presidential nominee, putting Democrats in rifle sights:

Fundraiser for Republican Jesse Kelly, a few months before Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head:

Armed Trump supporters rallying in Atlanta.

Donald Trump on his smart voters:

House of Representatives rolls back background checks.

Ted Cruz, cooking bacon on his gun:

And so on and so on and so on and so on.

The rest is from my friend Brian Siano:

“I’m not going to make any special effort to prove my decency, by hoping that Steve Scalise recovers, or working up some rationale to distance the shooter from the progressive politics he’d flirted with before going on a rampage.

We’ve put up with decades of right-wing shitheads threatening violence, promising violence, praising violence and celebritizing people who advocate violence. Religious derange-oes burbling about “second amendment solutions,” and going all quiet when called out on it. Talentless, inbred, racist rock stars promising to shoot the President to audiences of thousands. Political campaigns where right-wingers use target symbols on their opponents’ locations, and hold shooting parties when running against shooting victim Gabby Giffords, who was _vilified_ by her opponents. A Presidential candidate who boasted about being able to commit murder and still enjoy fervent support. (Thanks to Brendan Skwire for resurrecting a lot of this garbage.)

And now I have to someone prove my decency by reciting platitudes about violence, and sending good wishes to Steve Scalize? This is a guy who’d privately chortle with satisfied laughter if some Democrat caught a fatal bullet, and probably head out with the Duck Dynasty creeps for a shooting party afterwards. Only bright spot with him is the very, very remote chance that this might give him some new and life-changing insight, but his whole movement won’t let that happen.

As for the shooter, well, whaddya want me to say? He’s an angry white guy with a gun, who’s done a lot of damage. Nothing more needs to be known.”

I will add a few thoughts of my own. I do not care what happened to Steve Scalise. I don’t support shooting people, but I certainly do not feel any sorrow or sympathy for Scalise, who you get the idea masturbates into the barrel of a gun. Steve Scalise and the Republicans have spent decades normalizing the idea that everyone should have a gun. That the only thing that stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. That gun control means “shooting back”. The people like me are a bunch of namby-pamby bleeding heart faggots for daring to suggest that the answer to the country’s problem with gun violence is simply “more guns”.

Steve Scalise (who is also a white supremacist) takes a bullet and I’m supposed to care?

Why? Seems to me the Republican asshole reaped what the Republican Party has sown.

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