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Comics Quickies

lu160412I’ve spent my fair share of time in New York City, and know my fair share of theatre people. A few have stage names, but it’s usually because their real name is something tongue-twisting like Irving Winklebergstein. The only performers who change their names to something like “Ecstasy” work in the porn industry. Maybe that’s where Evans is going in this sub-mental plot, but somehow I doubt that. i160413maryworthMeanwhile in “Mary Worth” it looks like Dawn needs to buy a new human suit, as the one she’s wearing doesn’t come with a chin.

zi160413Ziggy’s eating meat of questionable age and provenance. Watch out Ziggy!



The disposable lesbian character who, again, is drawn to look like Margaret Hamilton as Miss Gulch, proposes to introduce Luann to her friends “Ecstasy” and “Muncher”.

I… I don’t even know where to begin with this one, so maybe I’ll just leave it alone, other than to say that somewhere in Greg Evans’ house there’s probably a really crusty sock.

ETA: Looks like we’re all in…


See you in the funny pages

A long long LONG time ago, I used to amuse (some might argue “abuse”) my readers with long, critical essays about various comic strips, with specific bile reserved for “For Better or For Worse”, and a lot of humor at the expense of Mary Worth, Luann, Arlo and Janis, and of course, Ziggy. When you’re…