Still Calling


Reaping what you sow

Ted Nugent, threatening to assassinate Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, to a crowd of thousands: Rand Paul, on the true meaning of the Second Amendment: Sarah Palin, Republican vice-presidential nominee, putting Democrats in rifle sights: Fundraiser for Republican Jesse Kelly, a few months before Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head: Armed Trump supporters rallying…

Grand Old Pre-existing condition

So, yesterday we were treated to the spectacle of psychopaths laughing and celebrating their vote to sentence millions to death. But the GOP might want to be careful. After all, psychopathology is a recognized mental illness, and thus a pre-existing condition. With voters across the spectrum opposed to Trumpcare, which is about to get a…

Guessing games

Inspired by the “Ten bands I’ve seen/one is a lie” meme that’s going around Facebook, and by two friends who riffed on it, here’s my take on the winners and losers in Trumpcare.

More ‘Toons: North Carolina backlash

Boy: did Pat McCrory and whats-his-fuck, the moron in the Legislature, fuck their state out of nearly $4 billion. I did a little video about it for Raw Story. Hope you dig the fistfuls of dollars at the end: I found some tutorials and learned the basics of Photoshopping and created those myself.

Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

Guys, shed a tear for Pat McCrory. Shed a single, crystal tear with a unicorn on a rainbow reflected in it. Former Gov. Pat McCrory says the backlash against House Bill 2 is making some employers reluctant to hire him but he’s currently doing consulting and advisory board work. McCrory has been appearing frequently in…