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Deep Thoughts

Little pitchers have big ears

Down the street from me is a large African immigrant family, with five kids about ages 4-10. They are nice kids who ride their bikes and scooters down the hill, and have little races. I don’t know what country they are from: the little boys dress like any other kid, but the little girls always…

Shit Floats

With all due respect to Booman, yesterday was NOT Chris Christie’s Day of Failure: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had a good reason to be far from the Manhattan courthouse today where his pals Bill Baroni and Bridget Anne Kelly are being sentenced for their roles in the closing of lanes on the George Washington…

Liquid Divorce

I’ve been a home brewer since at least 1996, so it was pretty much guaranteed that any woman I spent any length of time with was going to get sucked into my hobby. My ex was no exception, and we merrily progressed from taste-alike beers made from kits to all-grain concoctions that were SO much…

Holidays at Our House

My mom was always the big Christmas spirit in the Skwire household, dragging my Jewish, atheist father along kicking and screaming. But with her gone, he’s tried to keep the tradition he doesn’t believe in alive, if only for his grandkids’ happiness. Last year, the old man actually bought a tree. This year, he went…

Note to the media: normalizing is collaborating

I’m getting mighty sick of seeing people who should know better playing along with the “alt-right” rebranding nonsense. It’s no different than Miller Lite in the new Vortex(™) bottle. Nothing’s changed but the packaging. And in some cases, not even that. These people and sources are doing America no favor. Shame on you, Dave Weigel.…

Not Normal

I think the media, the blogs, the politicians, and the people need to stop acting like shit is normal, or trying to adapt to the abnormal.

I think people have to wake up to the fact that there’s a coup d’etat going on, and start acting accordingly.

Call me hysterical all you want.

Time goes by like hurricanes


It’s been a year since my mom passed away. I’ll write more about this later, time permitting.

My mom got 67 years in this world. She got to see her youngest child get married and enjoyed her three grandchildren. A few months before her diagnosis, she and my dad went to Spain. They also used to go to Mexico quite a lot, and she was looking forward to visiting Cuba.

But there was a lot she didn’t do. She had a lot of problems: low-self esteem, anxieties, and the attendant substance abuse issues so intimately linked to those problems.

So for now, I’ll just say this. I cannot help but reflect on everything that has happened in the year since my mom died. A lot can happen in 365 days, and time isn’t a renewable resource. When I think of the time I’ve wasted, including (especially including) the last 3 years in Philadelphia, I am filled with regret.

Don’t waste a single minute of your time. Travel. Go do that thing you always wanted to do. Don’t be scared of anything. Never ever ever be afraid to jump.

And for the love of God, if you smoke cigarettes, QUIT.