Still Calling

Fascists and Neo-Nazis

Not this time, motherfucker

The Orange Shitstain stepped in it last week. While Fuckstick von Clownface and his team of neo-Nazis probably expected the “coastal liberal elites” to protest their idiotic and hateful ban on Muslims, they instead caused a nationwide backlash. Here’s a sampling. And remember: we are not alone. There are more of us then there are…

Trump Tax

President Trump is going to start a trade war with Mexico. This is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard, and even Lindsey Graham agrees. Mexico makes so much of the shit we enjoy, and Trump’s tax is not only gonna make beer more expensive (yes, you heard me) but even a fucking spaghetti…

Would you buy a used car from these guys?

Trump: the boy who tweeted “wolf”

Note to the media: normalizing is collaborating

I’m getting mighty sick of seeing people who should know better playing along with the “alt-right” rebranding nonsense. It’s no different than Miller Lite in the new Vortex(™) bottle. Nothing’s changed but the packaging. And in some cases, not even that. These people and sources are doing America no favor. Shame on you, Dave Weigel.…