Still Calling


Reaping what you sow

Ted Nugent, threatening to assassinate Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, to a crowd of thousands: Rand Paul, on the true meaning of the Second Amendment: Sarah Palin, Republican vice-presidential nominee, putting Democrats in rifle sights: Fundraiser for Republican Jesse Kelly, a few months before Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head: Armed Trump supporters rallying…

Immediate Thoughts on Louisiana Shooting


I have only seen the headline and do not know the details of the horrible mass shooting, but I know what happens next.

We will be told not to politicize it by talking about gun control (but by all means, politicize it by talking about not intruding on 2nd Amendment rights).

Then we will decide if it is “terrorism” or “a lone gunman with mental health issues”: this is best answered by the color of the shooter’s skin and his religious beliefs (if he is a Muslim; Christian Nationalists who blow up women’s health centers that provide abortions or Olympic stadiums are a different category).

The Television People will do the Television Things and ask stupid obvious questions they pretend they can’t answer. Opinions will be offered. David Brooks and EJ Dionne will have Things To Say. The NRA will say something obscene. Bobby Jindal will say something obscene. We have a vigil and everybody will feel the Feelings and say the Things.

And then it’s Friday, so time for baseball. Phillies face the Cubs at 4:00, Yanks vs. Twins at 8:00. AND, Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is doing a special “Taste of Asia” episode on Food Network at 10:00: you won’t wanna miss it.