Still Calling


Remembering Chuck Berry

As most of y’all know I publish my Raw Story videos here at Still Calling when I get the chance. We recently switched platforms, and now I’m using Powtoons. I’ll immediately concede I’m not the best animator out there (thank god I don’t have to draw my own characters, or I would be well and…

My Dilemma

I love my job at Raw Story. I mean, would I prefer to be paid thousands of dollars a week to be a rock star? Sure. But it’s a pretty sweet gig that allows me to work from home (wherever home may be), pays well, and gives me benefits like vacation and healthcare, and oh…

Black Dogs, Wet Blankets

I think this man might be useful to me – if my black dog returns. He seems quite away from me now – it is such a relief. All the colours come back into the picture. –Winston Churchill For Churchill, who was almost certainly bipolar, the black dog was a metaphor for his depressive episodes,…


As many of you probably notice, I’m either really prolific or totally silent. It took me a while to understand and accept that that’s my rhythm as a writer. It’s either a torrent or a drought.

Thanks for understanding and continuing to read my blog. I appreciate every one of you.

Saturday night in Music City

I’ve been here in Nashville for just about a week and a half now. I hit the ground running. I interviewed for an assistant brewer position with East Nashville Beer Works soon after arriving, a soon-to-open brewery and taproom about three miles from where I currently live. The interview went well, and I hit it…

Quick update

What with the move to Nashville -I’m finally settled in, on a basic level- I haven’t had a lot of time for blogging, although there’s been a lot on my mind. I’ve got a post brewing about how much I hate sites (none of which I will link to) such as usuncut, addictinginfo, and occupydemocrats. It’s bad enough that they’re all blatantly clickbait revenue schemes, but they spread misinformation and outright lies to low-information and new voters, with a transparently fake (to me at least) left wing perspective. I’ve got another about what drove the move to Tennessee, the kind of “goodbye Philly” piece that drives people like Duncan insane, but which needs to be written. There’s a lot of baggage I have to unload and there’s some accounting to be done.

It’s Saturday night and, in my timezone at least, it’s 11:45 pm. It’s been a busy day: I was up early to put a pot roast in the crock pot, before leaving for an early afternoon interview for an assistant brewing position where I split a half-gallon growler of homebrewed Belgian IPA with my potential employers. Later on I biked out to a different brewery where the local homebrew club was holding an event. Missed the event, but had a pint anyway. I’m not much of a day drinker and even though I didn’t drink more than a couple of pints over a 2-3 hour period, I was wiped out, and wound up taking a really long nap.

I could be out right now -I could hear music down the street just a an hour or so ago- but I’m pretty happy to just stay at home and bop around on the internet. Even back in Philly, where I knew ERRYBODY, I was kind of a loner. Most of my really tight friends live in other cities, and after 16 years in Philly, I can count probably 10 people I hold really close, and six of those ten are married couples so so if you count it that way more it’s more like six or seven close attachments. Maybe Al Green’s tired of being alone, but I’m generally ok with it.

So yeah, there’s writing on the way. I’ve just got a lot on my plate at the moment, and don’t immediately have the time to devote to the task. I am going to try to start getting up a little earlier, and will do my best to minimize my Facebooking as well (it’s the worst sort of timesuck). But rest assured, there’s ranting and oversharing aplenty on the way.

Quick Housekeeping Post

Hi readers,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am getting rid of comments entirely. It would be one thing if I had a community of commenters like the ones that exist at Balloon Juice, Eschaton, Booman Tribune, etc. But I don’t: most of you who read this blog also follow me on Facebook, where I cross-post everything you see here. [If anyone knows how to link Facebook comments to a wordpress blog, please instruct me on how to do this, because it would be great to have it all integrated. So far, I have been unable to figure out how to do this.]

So why get rid of comments entirely? Well, because WordPress blogs attract spam like a fresh turd attracts flies, and on my dashboard there’s a note telling me I have 450 comments to go through, 99.9% of which are spam (and thus in moderation). Since the real discussion is happening on Facebook, comments here are unnecessary, and going comment-free saves me the hassle of deleting poorly written pitches for black market Cialis.

So enjoy the writing, please comment on Facebook, and if you know how to integrate Facebook comments into my blog, let me know.

ETA: While deleting 20 pages of unapproved spam comments, I found two -TWO- actual, real, substantive comments from real people that had gone unapproved for days due to the spamload. So if anything this really galvanizes my decision to get rid of comments. So few of my readers actually DO comment here that it’s not worth the time to wade through a ton of bullshit.

Brief Meta

This blog is a sporadic effort, and I spent the past week in dadlife, so it was more sporadic than usual. But I’m home and in the mood so a little blogging tonight. I think we’re getting the point where Trump is actively trolling America. On Saturday, Donald Trump led a rally of supporters to…