Still Calling


A Tale of Two Trumps

This one took forever to make, and I nearly gave up. Pardon any weird transitions, the Powtoon platform has its issues. That said, I think this one is my most ambitious pieces yet. “

Some days, you just can’t.

This has been, overall, a rotten day. It’s allergy season here in Tennessee, so my head is already fogged up. The Republicans, who are liars and cheaters of the worst kind, put Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Trump pretty much guarantees we’re going to war in Syria. And Don Rickles fucking died. Here’s today’s video.

“Corn. Miles and miles of corn.”

During my misspent youth in Rhode Island, my buddies and I had this ongoing joke about the midwest. “Why, I’m from Indiana,” one of us would say. “And ya know what we got there?” “Corn. Miles and miles of corn,” the rest of us would chime in. So when I saw the news that our…

The Congressional Review Act

Wondering how the Republicans are able to so quickly and efficiently destroy Obama’s legacy and cut funding for Planned Parenthood? It’s all about the Congressional Review Act, which I explain in this little animation I made for Raw Story.

Shit Floats

With all due respect to Booman, yesterday was NOT Chris Christie’s Day of Failure: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had a good reason to be far from the Manhattan courthouse today where his pals Bill Baroni and Bridget Anne Kelly are being sentenced for their roles in the closing of lanes on the George Washington…

Sad clown makes phone calls

If you’re like me -and I know I am- there’s nothing that takes the edge off Trump’s so-called “presidency” like laughing at the elderly, half-senile, tv-obsessed clown that currently infests the Oval Office like a family of cockroaches. Trump decided to cap off last week by making ill-advised threatening calls to Mexico and Australia, where…