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A Huge Loss

You’ll have to pardon me if this blog goes all Motorhead, all the time for the next few days. They were not the band that introduced me to hard rock -that was AC/DC- or hardcore -that was the Dead Kennedys- or even speed metal -that was Metallica.

But good fucking lord. Motorhead and Lemmy have been constants in my musical life since I was 16 or so. He was and remains a giant of rock-n-roll, in the same vein as Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, or Chuck Berry (all of who Lemmy names as early influences). This is, in some ways, worse than losing one of those legends, as Lemmy and Motorhead continued to create original music, long after Richard, Jerry, and Chuck began relying on their hits (and I’d dare say making better music than a lot of other metal bands out there).

Anyway, this is one of my favorite Motorhead songs. Safe travels, Lemmy. Born to lose, lived to win. Something all of us need to take to heart.

Saturday Night Record

After years of exploration, this is the album that made me realize hardcore is always relevant, to me anyway. It’s not something you outgrow. Hardcore -that way too fast, dissonant, uncompromising, not-ready-for-prime-time genre- is so deep in my blood.

By the way, have you heard the LOud Ones?

You should.

Anger is an Energy

Inspired by Booman, who is having a day, as well as by everything in the news.

Anger IS an energy my friends, and it can be a constructive or destructive energy depending on how you use it.

Dead Boys

I’m not dead, just haven’t had the muse for daily work. That said, I’m following a big project. I hope it comes to fruition soon. In the meantime, some Dead Boys:

Cavemen Rejoice (x2)

Here are some guys doing a homemade video to the Bags’ truly epic song Cavemen Rejoince:

Here are the Bags, in a rare performance from 2008:

Video one is from a two night stand in 91: I made the second night. I was at the second show.