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More ‘Toons: North Carolina backlash

Boy: did Pat McCrory and whats-his-fuck, the moron in the Legislature, fuck their state out of nearly $4 billion. I did a little video about it for Raw Story. Hope you dig the fistfuls of dollars at the end: I found some tutorials and learned the basics of Photoshopping and created those myself.

Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

Guys, shed a tear for Pat McCrory. Shed a single, crystal tear with a unicorn on a rainbow reflected in it. Former Gov. Pat McCrory says the backlash against House Bill 2 is making some employers reluctant to hire him but he’s currently doing consulting and advisory board work. McCrory has been appearing frequently in…

GOP: Gang Of Perverts

Yeah yeah Bill Clinton Anthony Weiner. Bad guys, shitty people. But neither of those guys were hypocritical moralizing persecuting shitheads and beside that, when it comes to sheer predatory perversion, the GOP has the Democrats beat by a cuntry mile.

Jesus’s disciples: “They were all Donald Trump.”

So there’s this guy, Rick Joyner, a right wing Christian nutball who’s so nutty even other right wing Christian nutballs think he’s loopy, that says that Christ’s disciples were all proto-Donald Trumps.

This filthy little atheist took a look at that claim…

Pro-life hypocrisy: Trump is right about abortion

Let me preface this piece by saying I am 100% in favor of birth control, reproductive rights, and abortion. I have marched with Planned Parenthood to protect these rights. My mom gave to pretty much every left-wing charity you can imagine: the only one my father continues to support is Planned Parenthood. It’s personal for me as well: back in the late 1990s, I got my then-girlfriend pregnant, and we opted for abortion. It was no fun, but absolutely the right decision and if anyone wants to disagree with me, they can go suck a big bag of dicks.

THAT SAID. If you are one of the many pro-lifers feigning outrage and shock over Trump’s comments on abortion (and it IS feigned) then you are either so full of shit you’ve gone blind, you’re a liar, or you’re simply afraid to face the clear implications of your beliefs.

Last night on the BBC some talking meatstick from the Susan B. Anthony List (no, I’m not linking to their site) was going on and on about how “the woman is the victim, just like the innocent baby, and it’s the doctors who should be punished”. She was particularly upset that in the US we even have late-term abortions, because apparently there’s no such thing as a baby born with a deadly disease or horrible birth defects, or whose birth puts the mother’s life in danger. If I could have put my hands through the radio and found her neck I would have strangled her then and there.

The fact is if you believe that abortion is murder, the taking of an innocent life, then by definition the person who hired the doctor to carry out the “murder” is no less guilty than someone who hires a mobster to carry out a contract hit. The woman is not the victim here, unless the fools at SBL and the other pro-life organizations believe that A) doctors are going around kidnapping pregnant women off the streets and forcing them to terminate their pregnancies; or B) doctors are making like the serpent, luring naive young women into their offices, and dishonestly convincing them to terminate their pregnancies.

So even though he backtracked quickly, and even though I disagree with him ENTIRELY on the issue of abortion, Trump is 100% correct and the only honest man on the right: if you believe abortion is murder, then a woman who seeks out and abortion is a murderer, and anyone who helps her is also guilty of aiding and abetting a crime. It is not manslaughter, or even second degree murder: it is is willful and premeditated with malice aforethought. Under OUR laws, a murderer must be punished.

The reason pro-lifers and Republicans (ah, but I repeat myself) tie themselves in knots over this, and the reason Trump’s statement is so inconvenient, is that if most Americans took the logic of the pro-life movement to its logical conclusion, they would be horrified, just as the world is horrified by El Salvador.

Kentucky Still Trying To Go Back in Time

A Kentucky Senate committee has passed a bill that would allow store owners and other providers of services to refuse to serve interracial couples, interracial families, or couples of different faiths. In addition, the bill would prevent the refused couples from seeking redress through the courts. […] What is the point of this, the worst-written…

Lie Down with Dogs…

…wake up to pictures of yourself hanging out with a child molestor as you court the Christian right:

I had expected the cockroaches to go scurrying once the light went on, but apparently Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is OK with molesting children, a position which, oddly enough, didn’t go over too well, even with his supporters.

So, what’s the right song to go with this sordid little story? “Toucha toucha touch me”, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show? No, that’s niot right. Oh: some de la Soul: