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Remembering Chuck Berry

As most of y’all know I publish my Raw Story videos here at Still Calling when I get the chance. We recently switched platforms, and now I’m using Powtoons. I’ll immediately concede I’m not the best animator out there (thank god I don’t have to draw my own characters, or I would be well and…

KISS: Strutter

Ace Frehley’s solo just slays. You don’t have to be a fan of the various personalities in KISS (lord knows both Simmons and Stanley can be total assholes) to enjoy this footage. It’s just pure rock-n-roll. So good.

Gimme Chocolate!

By the way, because I am evidently ADD, while mourning Merle’s passing, I caught a clip of Baby Metal on Colbert’s show. I have been a fan of these amazing gals since I first saw the original video two years ago. I would go on at length about my love for Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, Lao, and Viet Namese pop, but I’d come off like an idiot because all I could tell you is “I like this” without being able to explain why. Anyway, I’m glad America en masse has been introduced to Baby Metal. As for me, I’m on a Japanese punk/metal/pop kick now, and I’m rocking out to Shonen Knife. You should be too.


Easily one of my favorite songs by The Who…

…and of course it’s one of Entwhistle’s, which makes it even better because Entwhistle was the best.