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Hey, I’m back! And, I’m working on a long piece. So, here’s an episode of Anhedonia, put out by my colleagues at Scrapple.TV.

Ta Ta For Now, Joe Walker

If you’re a Scrapple TV viewer, you’ve probably stumbled upon Breakfast At Sulimays a few time, in which senior citizens review contemporary pop music. It was a great show, and got national recognition, which is why I’m sad to tell you that the show’s breakout star, Joe Walker, passed away last weekend at the age of 90.

I was own at the studio yesterday, and it was impossible that Joe wouldn’t come up. As sad as it is to see him go, you can’t say he didn’t live a full life: world traveler, WW2 vet, professional actor: Joe did the full ride.

This is where I normally say “safe travels” to the departed, but in Joe’s case, I’ll bid him farewell in his fashion: Ta ta for now, Joe.