Still Calling

Grand Old Pre-existing condition

So, yesterday we were treated to the spectacle of psychopaths laughing and celebrating their vote to sentence millions to death. But the GOP might want to be careful. After all, psychopathology is a recognized mental illness, and thus a pre-existing condition. With voters across the spectrum opposed to Trumpcare, which is about to get a…

Safe travels, George

My parents’ cat George died today. He was pretty old, and had been suffering from diabetes and digestive problems for a long time. George, if I remember correctly, came to our family through a friend of my brother, who found the little guy as a kitten at a construction site. He was tiny when they…

Meta update

Worth forwarding to the 1:00 mark or so, unless you prefer Forrest Gump to Iron Maiden A few weeks back I posted about getting back to running, and preparing for the Rock-n-roll Nashville Half Marathon. That’s under my belt now. I had estimated conservatively at 3:15 (hours/minutes) due to the two years since my last…

The Loch Ness Monster vs. GOP policies

Way back in 1933, someone got a picture of the supposed “Loch Ness Monster”, setting off decades of speculation about the creature’s existence. Personally, I’ve never seen it. But I’ll tell you this: the Loch Ness Monster is easier to believe in than a lot of Republican policies and tenets.

Guessing games

Inspired by the “Ten bands I’ve seen/one is a lie” meme that’s going around Facebook, and by two friends who riffed on it, here’s my take on the winners and losers in Trumpcare.