John Kerry opposes the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz to be President of the World Bank.


March 16, 2005

Statement by John Kerry on Paul Wolfowitz’s Nomination to be President of the World Bank

“Coming on the heels of the appointment of John Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations, this is now another mystifying choice by the Bush administration for an important role in the community of nations. It makes you wonder whether all the administration’s words about mending fences with our allies are just lip service. After Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz’s repeated and serious miscalculations about the costs and risks America would face in Iraq , I don’t believe he is the right person to lead the World Bank.”

But what Kerry doesn’t know is that Wolfowitz is really good with numbers.

Wolfie proved it prior to the war when he appeared before the House Budget Committee.

See below:

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who appeared before the House Budget Committee, refused to be pinned down, however, saying that uncertainty over the course that the war might take makes meaningful estimation of cost almost impossible. “If we cost every single (scenario), we’d maybe give you a range between $10bn and $100bn and you’d say that’s useless, and you’d be right,” he said. On the question of financial assistance from other nations, Wolfowitz said that he expects lots of contributions after the war, including from nations that oppose military action. CBS Article

Ten billion? Did he throw 10 billion out there?

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