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        I just received a “Thank You” letter for my donation in regards to the South Asia Tsunami Relief and other Unmet Needs. MSF aka “Doctors Without Borders” is an amazing organization, they are often the first relief org. to arrive at the scene of an emergency and the last to leave. They go into the most remote and dangerous parts of the world. They also speak out against human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law that it’s teams witness while providing medical relief.
  MSF was founded in 1971 by a small group of FRENCH Doctors, today more than 2,500 doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, and logisticians from 45 nations volunteer each year. They work in all most 80 countries.

       Anyone who donated to this amazing organization or who still wishes to donate should know what they are up to now, along with the South Asia Tsunami releif.

       Supporting the Ugandan health system: They run a 350-bed therapeutic feeding center and a supplementary feeding program, as well as four clinics and two mobile clinics. In Gulu district, they run a night shelter for the nearly 4,000 children seeking a safe place to sleep each night.

       Treating TB patients in Georgia:
At Gulripsh hospital in the separatist republic of Abkhazia, their staff provides care and Meds for nearly 240 people suffering from TB, including about 20 patients living with multi-drug resistant TB.

       Combating HIV/AIDS with Antiretroviral-ARV

They currently are providing ARV’s to more than 23,000 patients living with HIV/AIDS in 27 countries and that number continues to grow each month. They continue to fight for improving access to quality medicines and removing obstacles to the use of generic medicines.

Anyone interesting in making donations & learning more about this amazing organization please check out WWW.doctorswithoutborders.org  You could become a field partner and help with a donation for as little as $7.50 a month, that’s only .25 cents a day or just make a one time donation. Disasters, Epidemics, and Wars often occur without warning. Sometimes it’s best if you can spare some change to help out before the next disaster strikes.

          “We are by nature an organization unable to tolerate indifference; and we believe that it is both possible and necessary to take action”  -Rony Brauman,M.D. Co-Founder MSF

          “We volunteer because we are needed-it’s that simple. Doctors and bandages don’t stop wars and epidemics. But saving lives and speaking out is our job.”  -Peter Orr, Volunteer


Maybe this is a good place to keep a list of our favorite Charities and Organizations and the difference they make in the world..Feel free..go ahead…what are your favorites?

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