Well, we’ve had a lot of suggestions on naming the Frog. And we need to make some progress here, people.

So, I went through and picked out twenty names that either got a lot of support, or just struck me as damn funny.

We’ll whittle these down to 10, and then we’ll have a poll.

Defend your choices.

Names are below the fold (in no particular order):
1. Clarence Frogman Henry

2. Turdblossom

3. Phib

4. Gregor Samsa

5. I.M. Dunfore

6. Jeremiah

7. Prescott

8. Ribbits

9. Kenny Boy

10. Blog Frog

11. Henri Le Frog

12. Rovitt

13. Boomer

14. Phrog

15. Karl

16. Mr. Pickle

17. Jean-Frog Van Damme

18. Freedom Frog

19. Boofrog

20. Darwin

Share some mojo.

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