this insane turn of events with terri schiavo’s case has me so angry and so disgusted i am damn-near unable to cobble together complete sentences that require more than two words.

so, i started on trying to resolve some of this stuff as i usually do, by making an image or two dealing with it.  i made three so far, and they are below the fold.

Update [2005-3-24 1:17:37 by dadanation]: there are now just two images here as i edited out one of them because it was not 100% accurate.
mind you, i don’t even have the faintest sense of detachment to be able to get a feel for which  image is the best piece of agit-prop.  maybe by tonght i will, maybe i won’t.

anyway, i’m just going to put them here and leave it at that.

Number 1:  March 19, 2005 Memo

Numer 2:  Liar, Smug, Snake


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