One vote is a mandate, three million is a landslide.
Tax cuts for the rich which do little for growth but damage the economy long-term are good.
Janet Jackson’s nipple is bad. No, it is the most horrifying vision ever inflicted upon the American public.
Abu Ghraib was fraternity-style hazing perpetrated by a handful of bad apples.
Gay marriage is the most important issue of the decade.
The humiliation of the United States across the globe is of no consequence.
The United States is proud to be the only nation in the civilized world without universal health care.
Slashing the hot sands of Iraq is a great way to hone the rapier that is the US military.
God made Adam out of clay and Eve out of Adam’s rib and no goddamned textbook is going to tell my kid different.
Billions of dollars for a system that will never work to defend against missiles is a good investment. Billions of dollars to check more containers is not.
Pot sends you to prison. Oxycontin keeps you on the air.
Stomping all over the last completely untouched part of the United States, the Artic National Wildlife Reserve, to extract less than one year’s oil consumption rather than improving efficiency, is a no-brainer.
Texan lawmakers putting up a fight for democracy are ridiculous and in no way something the National Democratic Party should defend, and the use of State troopers and Federal assets in their pursuit is entirely appropriate.
Lying about adultery in the Oval Office will get you impeached. Lying about the great issues of the day will get you (re-)elected.
Obviously the best way to protect our forests and the air we breathe is to let the companies involved regulate themselves.
The United States is proud to stand with other upstanding conservative nations like Iran, Libya and Sudan against reproductive and sexual rights.
It is entirely reasonable for companies that make voting machines to keep their software secret while promising to deliver Ohio to the ruling party. They are also entirely within their rights to fight against adding what every single ATM around the world has: a printer.
When Russia reduced Grozny to rubble that was entirely different from the US reducing Falluja to rubble.
Getting your family and their friends to keep you out of Vietnam and every mess you ever made is clever and courageous. Actually fighting there is stupid and spineless.
Your right to go to a mall while packing is sacrosanct. Your right to free speech at the same mall is trespassing on private property.
A tiny clump of cells has more rights than a fully grown adult.
Senate traditions that protect the minority party and are centuries old have no place in the 21st century.
Claiming you are `born again’ and not going to church gets you more cred than being a lifelong Catholic who does go to church.
Vilifying, scapegoating and destroying the people who point out the truth is a much better way of defending yourself than disputing the facts.
Helping your friends and campaign contributors by awarding them no-bid contracts worth billions is the Christian thing to do and nobody will hold you accountable when additional billions go missing and vital work does not get done.
Nothing succeeds like monumental failure.

This is getting long and I am nowhere near finished. The United States has been a bit un-sane for quite a while now, true, but the last four years are down-the-rabbit-hole surreal and most people seem not to have noticed. Even if our prized exit-polls were absolutely right, that still means that 48% of the voters think that this administration has been `politics as usual’ which is like saying Genghis Khan was `warfare as usual’.

Remember, Genghis took no prisoners. They will not offer quarter. We should not either. It is time to get serious. Raise the stakes, think outside the box, start getting people out of this insidious reality tunnel and prepare for civil disobedience. Things are not normal and we are fast approaching the point of no return (if it is not behind us).

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