I’m curious to see if this site, like dKos, is also overwhelmingly Dean, with a dash of Clark.  I’d love to have people come out publicly for their candidate in the comments as well as taking the poll, but if you don’t want to please do at least make a poll choice so it will be have a more complete sample behind it.  Oh, and feel free to post a comment with an early preference for ’08 if you like!

I’ll start (obviously).  I started out a Gephardt man.  Then I was seduced by the “Draft Clark” fever.  I got fed up with Clark over his abortion statement and opposition to the $87B for Iraq, so briefly went back to Gephardt until I found out he had voted to ban flag burning.  That led me to Kerry, who had opposed the amendment but had a strong-sounding rejoinder when asked about it.  Then, as Iowa approached, I found out that Kerry was going around trying to outflank Bush to the right on Israel and I couldn’t countenance that, so Edwards became my default choice, and the man who got my primary vote–but a choice I got more and more happy with, and still think he’s the best nominee in ’08.

Yeah, that was pretty damned inconsistent, I grant you.  But I was sure all along that I would never support Kucinich, Moseley-Braun, Sharpton, Dean, Lieberman, or Graham.  For some of those “nonstarters” it was ideological issues, for others simply an issue of “electability”.

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