Five U.S Army soldiers are under investigation for allegedly trying to smuggle 32 pounds of cocaine out of Colombia aboard a U.S. military aircraft, American officials said Thursday.

This is while

The United States has provided more than $3 billion in aid over the past four years to help Colombia battle Marxist rebels and drug trafficking that fuels the 40-year-old insurgency.

Well, I guess many things could be said about this. This always happens. This never happens. They should have gotten CIA clearance before trying to leave the country.

Of course, I don’t know what it means, if it has to mean anything. But I have never been a fan of Plan Colombia. I think it is disgraceful that we have military and private contractors in Colombia spraying the countryside with poisons to eradicate the coca plant. The poisons do not discriminate, they’ll kill anything that’s growing, get into the ground water, into other crops. They don’t target only coke plants.

I wonder how often this happens, how often a group of soldiers gets the idea to smuggle a payload out. I wonder how many contractors do. They are less regulated than the military, they could have more room to do this.

Or this could be another group of bad apples. Never happened before, will never happen again.

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