I’ve been mostly avoiding the cable news circus for the last couple of weeks. But, yesterday evening I was folding laundry and turned on the Abrams Report on MSNBS. In between showing a CAT scan of Schiavo’s brain that looked like a Rorschach ink blot fringed by a thin line of gray matter — while allowing some idiot to suggest she retained higher brain functions — the show cut away to a memorial service in Florida. And there was Randall Terry playing keyboard and singing a song he wrote about God, The Father, caressing him and running his fingers thru his hair. I thought, satire is dead, just before my mind disassociated from my body slightly and hovered over its left shoulder.

Hardball passed in a blur as I waited for Keith Olbermann to come on and restore my connection to reality. Now I admit that I was literally NOT in my right mind but it seemed that Countdown was seriously whacked last night and I need some feedback from others who saw the show. I mean, did Keith, or did he not, swerve back and forth between Schiavo and the Pope drawing connections between diverse dots? I mean, was Keith, or was he not, borderline unhinged last night? And why was he so angry? I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t focus on his position, couldn’t get Randall Terry’s erotic hymn to god out of my mind long enough to figure out what the heck was wrong with Keith.

Help me out, folks.

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