The commission looking into the ostensible intelligence failures that led our country to believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, has quietly released a 601-page report.

There was almost no media coverage of the launch of this investigation, there was no commentary on the progress of this investigation, and there has been almost no television coverage of the conclusions of this investigation.

One of their conclusions was that the harm done to American credibility over the WMD issue would take years to overcome.

There will be a lot to say about the commission report in the coming days. But what struck me was the following:

In an interview Friday at the commission’s offices in Arlington, Va., Mr. Robb and Judge Silberman said they were gratified by President Bush’s initial reaction to the report in a 70-minute meeting Thursday…

…”He went into our report in great detail,” Judge Silberman said. “It was obvious that he’d certainly read the executive summary and he’d been briefed extensively on the rest of the report.”

New York Times: Free Registration

In my opinion, this report is a big steaming pile of cowdung. It is but one more specimen of blame-shifting by this faultless administration. But it just seems farcical that the commission members feel the need to reassure us that the President has read the executive summary.

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