I am so sick and tired of hearing this from religious wingnuts.   I was reading my hometown newspaper and came across this letter to the editor Centers can’t defend films that use evolution

I respond to the March 25 Dispatch article “Science centers feel pressure over film that cites evolution.” It is no wonder that scientifically well-informed media and theaters are becoming more circumspect about presenting evolution as fact when the preponderance of evidence against it is so overwhelming.

For example, in the same edition, there is an article about some T. rex dinosaur bones dug up in Montana a few years ago (“Broken fossil reveals a bit of real dinosaur,” New York Times article). These bones contain flexible blood vessels, blood cells and soft tissue that should not be there if the bones are really 70 million years old, as evolutionists claim. The “long age” paradigm, i.e. that Earth is millions of years old (instead of thousands of years old, as the Bible says), is the dominant belief of evolutionists. It has blinded researchers to the possibility of finding unfossilized soft tissue, as they clearly have found in the Montana dinosaur bones.

People should wake up and be alarmed that what is being taught in the schools and popularized in the media about evolution being factual is neither defendable nor based on sound scientific principles.  – PATRICIA A. KNOOP, Rockbridge

O.K. then, I am awake and I am alarmed.  For many years, I would read an opinion like this and laugh with my husband about how stupid people are.  It’s not funny anymore.  I am reading more articles of how teachers are afraid to even approach the topic of evolution. Extremely wealthy people (Richard DeVos, Richard Viguerie, etc.) are trying to grab more power and wealth by keeping the working middle class uneducated and uninformed through false religion.  They are extremely organized and work through groups like the The Council for National Policy and the Foundation.  

They are paying huge sums of money not just for presidential elections, but for local judges, school boards, etc.  During the election of 2004, I received no less than 10 pieces of mail from republican organizations asking me to vote for specific judges.  Some were disguised as to make you think that they were not republican.  No party affiliation was mentioned.  One piece of mail had:

Paid for by the Committee to Retain Judge Bender, Anne Morrehead Petit, Treasurer, 161 Alton Road, Galloway, Ohio 433119, and the committee to Retain Judge Reece, Kurt Tunnell, Treasurer, 100 S. 3rd St. Columbus, Ohio 43215, and the Committee to Retain Judge Schneider, William Curtis, Treasurer, 865 Macon Alley, Columbus, Ohio 43206.

If you look at their picture, you would think that they were Democrats.  Two white guys on each end with a black guy in the middle all looking cordial and benign with

Endorsed by: Fraternal Order of Police, AFL-CIO, Teamsters, Local 413, etc.

The only reason I know that they were Republicans is because another piece of mail that I received had “Vote the Republican Slate” and had their names on them.  FYI – I registered as an independent and received zero pieces of mail from the Democratic party.  

I am sorry to go on but this is really upsetting me.  We are the middle working class and we do not have the financial backing to fight this onslaught.  It is becoming more and more apparent that the Democratic party doesn’t have the organization to fight this either. I am hoping Dean can change that but until then, we can fight back by spending five minutes a day writing back to our local newspapers when we see letters like this.  We have got to fight every battle.  Even the little ones like this letter.  Please write the Columbus Dispatch a letter or send them an email.  You can write them at

The Columbus Dispatch, 34 S. 3rd St., Columbus, OH 43215 or fax to (614) 461-8793.  You can also email them at letters@dispatch.com.  Emailed letters to the editor do not require a signature, but they do require your real name, address (street address) and daytime telephone number.

They do NOT accept e-mail attachments.  You can also contact them by phone at 614-461-5000.  Now – I am going to start writing that letter.  I will let you know what I write.  

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