MaggieEh and I have been having what I consider a very interesting discussion about Iraq in a subthread of an old diary on which no one else but the two of us has posted for days now.  And (I hope doing this is okay with BooMan, and with Maggie for that matter) I’d like to invite people to click the link, read our little debate (to be clear: just the subthread, not the whole diary), and then come back here to join in.

This is an awkward way to go about it to be sure, but it seemed a shame for both of us to put so much time and energy (for me at least, today, more than I’ve put into the rest of the site combined by a wide margin) into a discussion that no one else probably knows is even going on.  Especially when this site is still young enough to need all the content it can get!  I’ve long argued on Kos that we should at least partially incorporate the system many message boards use, where threads keep popping up to the top as long as people keep posting to them; but absent that, I decided to go this route.

Okay, enough meta-discussion.  Let’s talk about the war!

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