Do you talk about BooTrib to your friends on other sites? I do–recommend it to all the cool kids. Many distinctive features (see poll below), informed political analysis and debate, plus a friendly, relaxed atmosphere add up to an awesome place to be. And awww-the Booman Tribune was actually named after a shaggy black dog!.

As the site grows, lots of interesting dialogues have popped up about who we are, what we want, where we’re going, and how we can get there together. So, time for a good meta-discussion?

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This is my first BT diary, second in all. So please forgive me if I screw up. We all know what road gets paved by good intentions! I hope that this will be a friendly conversation about comment preferences, company and “just us” manners,  how we handle disagreements, and how we see the BooTrib community.

Booman said, “Remember that we are the pioneers here, and we can’t be unrealistic about keeping it so friendly when we grow larger.  It’s a goal, but the culture will inevitably change, in some ways we won’t like, and in others that we will love.

The guiding principle is still spelled out in the FAQ under: “If I don’t consider myself a Democrat, am I welcome at the site?” ”

Checking out the FAQ? What an excellent community standard to start with!  ::runs off quickly to do it::

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