“Do not repeat back to me what I just said in different fucking words!”

– Al Swearengen hosts a ‘board’ meeting, “Deadwood”

“I’ll try touching the moon before working on a whore’s thinking.”

– Al, about Trixie, “Deadwood”

“Hey Reverend, you could have just said amen.”

– Al, after the Reverend has a seizure, “Deadwood”

“You might, Dan, learn to indicate interest in a girl without murdering someone.”

– Al to Dan, “Deadwood”

:::More quotes below:::

“I wouldn’t trust a man who wouldn’t try to steal a little.”

– Al Swearengen, about EB’s dealings, “Deadwood”

“Be in my joint in 2 hours. We’re forming a f*cking government!”

– Al to EB, “Deadwood”

“I’m declaring myself conductor of this meeting as I have the bribe sheet.”

– Al, founding father of “Deadwood”

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