Mr. Gingrich, who…said Mr. DeLay seemed to be blaming a left-wing conspiracy, told a meeting of the American Society of Newspaper Editors on Wednesday that the majority leader must ultimately “brief the country in a public way.”

“He and his lawyers have to decide when that is,” Mr. Gingrich said. “But he at some point has got to convince people that what he has done was reasonable and authentic and legitimate.”

NYT: Free Reg

So, how is Tom DeLay supposed to convince us that his actions have been “reasonable and authentic and legitimate”?

Well, it’s pretty simple. There is only one option open to him. Lying.

When lying is your only alternative for explaining your behavior, it’s best to let your lawyers do the talking. But, as Newt points out, that’s not really a viable long-term strategy for the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. Tom is going to have to come clean, face the public, and lie very effectively.

Or he could just announce that he won’t seek re-election. Kind of a LBJ thing. Kind of a Texas thing.

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