As I feel a serious diary acomin’. I thought I would spread a little joy first.

Over at New European Times , I have been having a bit of fun with something I haven’t heard before. I had assumed most geeks would have heard it but, as polydactyl  tells me that it was new to at least one IT person, I post it here as a delight to enjoy.

Based on Don MacLean’s “Bye Bye Miss American Pie”, it is a sung response by a Microsoft systems guy to an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “IT doesn’t matter”. He says it is a retrospective for some years in the future. Don’t believe him. His lines:

“Gonna outsource every resource `til the business runs dry.”


“And as pink slips caused an exit flight
Of jobs to Bangalore’s new site
I saw Harvard laughing with delight
The day that I-T died”

are relevant right now, today.
As I can’t stream it directly, go to the video here and enjoy it.

By the end of the song, you may be liking this guy as much as I do. You will like him more if you read the last two posts in his personal blog

Hey, as an ex-governor of one of the world’s top three business schools, even I enjoyed the lines:

“The men that I admire the least
The MBA’s trained in the East”

Some of you Geeks are quite tolerable, aren’t you? Well, I reckon ol’ Pat Helland is a Geek’s Geek. I hope he plays golf, as well.

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