Bradblog reports that Clint Curtis passed a polygraph on 03/03/05.

St. Petersburg Times article

They have seized on an affidavit Curtis wrote Dec. 6 about his allegations of vote fraud. The affidavit was initially published the same day on On March 3, Curtis passed a lie detector test given by Tim Robinson, retired chief polygraph operator for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

On 08/03/05 Brad and Clint were guests on BlogCall and Clint was asked point blank if he was willing to take a polygraph.

His response leaves not much wiggle room and raises serious questions about the veracity of the claims.

Blow is the audio link from blog call

37 min into the broadcast Brad is asked…

“Why wasn’t Clint Curtis ever given a lie detector test because it seems like such an obvious thing, and, is it easy to even get such a thing?”

Skip forward to 42 min for Clint’s answer.

“I’m sure we could find someone qualified to do that. By the end of the month you will have lie detector results.”

This is the second time I’ve caught Brad and Clint being less than credible. Here is another glaring problem. Note that the dead dog part of the Curtis story hasn’t been repeated in quite a while

Mr. Curtis’ Dog Has Been Killed

FYI… Mr. Curtis’ dog was shot and killed a few hours after I published my original story on the BRAD BLOG. This is the second time that Mr. Curtis has been the apparent victim of intimidation through such tacticts. Another one of his dogs was killed in 2002.

Here is part of an emotional note I wrote to my friend at Crooks & Liars just after I’d heard of the incident and while I was unable to post at the main BRAD BLOG site due to the heavy traffic after I published the story.

Now after this juicy scoop on 07/12/04 I asked Brad to post some proof that the dog was dead.

While Brad was pimping his blog and story on DU I asked him to post a copy of a police report considering Clint’s entire story is based on us believing him.

Brad told me it was my job, as a casual reader, to search out the report on my own and would not even provide me with the police station he claims the report was filed at because it might jeopardize Clint’s safety. Even though the shooters must already know where Clint lives if they shot his dog.

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