The Republicans want everything their way and will go to any length to get it. I can remember as a kid when playing ‘made up games’ someone always made up new rules. The game rules always changed depending who ‘made up the game.’ A vicious circle. The Republicans remind me of spoiled brats who cheat at everything then lie about it. They are trying to change the Constitution, the Judiciary and even use the bible selectively.
Now they see judges as equivalent to the KKK.

“I heard a minister the other day talking about the great injustice and evil of the men in white robes, the Ku Klux Klan, that roamed the country in the South, and they did great wrong to civil rights and to morality. And now we have black-robed men, and that’s what you’re talking about,” Dobson said in his conversation with Levin.

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CLEMENTS: Evangelicals want to control judiciary

By Cynthia Hall Clements, The Lufkin Daily News

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The evangelical elite in this country seems to have taken the admonition from the book of Proverbs, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” a bit too personally.

In fact, they seem to think that they, and only they, impart godly knowledge to the rest of us — fellow believers, agnostics, and atheists alike — who refused to be co-opted into their strict world view and for that reason alone, we should fear them. They have the ear of the Almighty in Heaven, and they are His voice here on earth, or so they would want us to believe.

Some evangelicals wave the banner of Jesus Christ, chant His words over their subversive political tactics, and demand God’s blessings on their politics. They exploit faith to justify their oppressive political agenda, and in the process stifle religious freedoms and trample on civil liberties in this country. Somehow I do not think that the familiar hymn, the call-to-action of the Christian faith, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” means that true believers are to wage war on the culture in the political arena through the government.

Mark Levin’s book, “Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America,” would be easy to reject as yet another tirade in the battle against the alleged spiritual enemy of “judicial activism.”

Levin, in rank-and-file goosestep with other religious conservatives, condemns liberal judges run-amuck for destroying all things good and moral in this country. Terri Schiavo is dead, and “abortion on demand” is still legal. The courts are clearing the way for homosexuals to marry, but the Supreme Court recently ruled it unconstitutional to execute minors. Immigration, socialism, moral relativism, a whole host of other “-isms,” and even affirmative action make the list of the top 10 sins of Supreme Court justices on Levin’s tablets.

It is past time, centuries past, according to Levin, to unseat Supreme Court justices and other federal judges, especially those who refuse to kneel at the altar of religious extremism, carefully cloaked as “Christianity.” Force them to repent of their sins, all under the guise of demonstrating Christ’s love, of course. Levin questions the “high moral authority” that our country confers upon the Supreme Court.

Instituting term limits, amending the U.S. Constitution to erode the power of the judiciary, and conferring on Congress a “supermajority” two-thirds veto over all Supreme Court decisions are among Levin’s suggestions to make the courts accountable to the whim and will of the majority. On James Dobson’s radio program, Levin also railed against judicial nominations being “obstructed” by a “small cabal of radical left-wing Senators.” Strip them of their judicial independence, and the courts may bow to the latest public opinion poll.

It is not “mobarchy” or tyranny of the majority, Levin reassures his readers. Sure, I say. Works fine as long as you are in the majority, but wait and see what happens when you are in the minority. The view is not the same from the bleacher seats.

Levin states in his book about the High Court, “They’ve announced that morality alone is an insufficient basis for legislation.” Here is the really important question Levin fails to ask, “Whose definition of `morality?'” The answer to this question shows the hypocrisy of Levin and other right-wingers. After all, if these evangelicals approved of the decisions of the Supreme Court and other federal judges, “judicial activism” would be a friend not a foe, a means to the end of changing the culture.


I worry about the fights coming down the pike. We have, at the least, three more years of twisting, turning and more ruining of America’s Democracy to deal with.
I wish the wingnuts believed in my God. A god of LOVE. My God is not judgemental or revengeful. He just IS. And HE did not write the bible…

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