Now that would be amusing.  I knew the papers here would start rumbling sooner or later about challenges to Governor Napolitano’s reelection.  She is a savvy politician that manages to get her agenda advanced despite an overwhelmingly right-wing bent State Legislature.

The wife of former vice president Dan Quayle, she has virtually instant name identification. At the same time, with no political background, she does not have roll call votes that could be used against her.

Party officials are courting Quayle, who lives in Paradise Valley, at least in part because it would mean one woman taking on another.

Other names on the list of possible challenges are:  former (disgraced) Governor Fife Symington, Rep. Rick Renzi, and State Senate President Ken Bennett.

So there’s your check of the pulse for the Arizona governorship.  I plan to work real hard to keep Janet in office.

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