Remember how outraged the Republicans were over the Clinton-Whitewater issue? The thought that the Clintons were involved in a ‘money-making’ scheme before they came to the White House was so corrupt and immoral?

And yet Cheney has a direct connection with Halliburton and the millions (billions) of dollars that Halliburton has squandered in the illegal war in Iraq and he doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist.
Democrats should be able to smack down all of the illegal endeavors of Bushco and yet nothing happens. The Rule of Law is on our side, right? I am so disgusted, outraged and flabbergasted at the lack of protest against most of Bushco’s actions.

We spend most of our days here on Kos ranting and raging, but nothing is changing, nothing. We have started attacking each other and spouting so much religious crap/arguments and spilling our personal guts which only exposes our weaknesses.

Where is the strength of the Left? Why are we so unable to Fight Back? Where are the revolts and uprisings? Where are the sit-down strikes and riots?

We, as Americans have more to be angry about now then at any other time in my life time. I don’t get it. And because I don’t get it I’ve been looking in tin-foil areas for explanations, like RFIDs, mind and crowd control, HAARP, cults etc., I want to blame something on our ineffectiveness. I don’t want to blame US. But even the Democratic leaders have been rendered nearly useless.

Maybe it’s the lack of MSM and we are not hearing about the background fighting in America for us.

Maybe we really do not care enough..

I need an explanation and cannot find one except that we as a group are just whiny weaklings.

Will someone please prove me wrong? Please?!!

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