Because this story is guaranteed to titillate and outrage your rugged manliness and traditional values. Not to mention, it will make you horny as hell:

Two Winona, Minnesota, high school students were suspended Tuesday after breaking a week-old rule against wearing T-shirts inspired by the “Vagina Monologues” play.

One was Carrie Rethlefsen, 18, who touched off a high-profile freedom of speech debate at the high school in February when she continued to wear a button that read “I (heart) my vagina” despite the threats of school officials who called it offensive.

Students rallied to her cause, and on Tuesday about 45 of them gathered in front of the school before class. Several women wore “I (heart) my vagina” shirts while male students wore a version that said, “I support your vagina.”

School administrators said last week that students could wear the shirts and similar buttons outside the school, but would be asked to turn their T-shirts inside-out or remove the buttons before going to class.

Those who didn’t would get a one-day suspension, according to a letter the principal sent to students’ homes last week…

…Rethlefsen told reporters she knew she would be suspended, but wore her shirt inside anyway to support the issues of female sexuality and sexual violence against women discussed in the play…

Late last week school officials said they would let students start a women’s issues group, bring in a speaker on issues of importance to women and set up a table at the school where a local woman’s advocacy group would provide information — but students who wore buttons or T-shirts with the word “vagina” into the school would be punished…

On Tuesday morning, a line of teachers stood in front of the school and at other entrances. Some police officers were nearby. Minutes before classes were to begin at 9 a.m., Assistant Principal Ben Johnson stood near the doors with a bullhorn…


This story was made for FOX News. It’s got the words: vagina, 18-year old girl, ACLU, Vagina Monologues, bullhorn, women’s advocacy group, police officers, and suspension. What could make the typical FOX viewer angrier? Or more aroused?

I think schools should have the right to have a reasonable dress code. But I can’t wait for the goons on the right-wing to take up Miss Rethlefsen as another example of everything that is wrong and threatening about liberalism.

Perhaps, they’ll make her famous.

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